Thursday, September 8, 2011


World Vision staff dancing with Somali children

Mindy Mizell's Horn of Africa tour vlog montage- IS THE DROUGHT SITUATION IMPROVING?

SOMALIA VIDEO: A Somali woman shares how she says World Vision saved her son's life

SOMALIA VIDEO: What is it really like to WORK for World Vision -in- Somalia?

SOMALIA VIDEO: What is World Vision doing in northern Somalia?

What do Somalis eat?

Somali woman shares losing her husband in violence last month

Interview with a Somali woman at a transit camp

What does a World Vision/Shelter Box tent for refugees look like from the inside out?

Newest Dadaab refugee camp opens with World Vision support

Somali refugee teenager talks to World Vision

Mindy Mizell vlogs from Dadaab refugee camp

How does World Vision help people get water in drought affected areas?

WVAustralia's Tim Costello at water distribution in eastern Kenya

How does the Horn of Africa drought compare to the 1984 drought?

Tristan Clements Vlogs from eastern Kenya

Mike Weickert in Dolo, Somalia

Amanda Koech in Dolo, Somalia

Mike Weickert talks about going w/ World Vision's assessment team to Dolo, Somalia 8/5/11

Horn of Africa Response Manager Perry Mansfield reacts to spread of Famine in Somalia

Somalia Response Manager Kevin Mackey describes an assessment project

World Vision's Amanda Koech tours northern Somalia (Aug. 1, 2011)

What is World Vision doing in northern Somalia?

A distribution site in Turkana district of Kenya

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